About us

In recent years, Kopint-Datorg Ltd. has participated in several EU-funded projects aimed at promoting e-Government (EKOP, KÖFOP), contributing to the development of the regulated / central electronic administration services (SZEÜSZ/KEÜSZ) specified in the e-Administration Act (2015 CCXXII. law) and in the Act on General Rules for Electronic Administration and Trust Services (451/2016. (XII. 19.) Government regulation).


Kopint-Datorg Ltd. covers the entire process of application development with the activities undertaken in its projects:

  • project management,
  • project administration,
  • needs assessment,
  • requirement specification,
  • system design on logical and physical level,
  • development,
  • testing (functional, modul, integration, load, security),
  • installation and commissioning, and their support.


Our company provides L3 developer support for live operation:

  • operation of web-based helpdesk system,
  • investigation of reported errors, bug fixes and releases of fixes,
  • background expert support for operation support,
  • maintenance services: maintaining the security level at the developer level, ensure browser compatibility, ensure runtime environment compatibility.


iFORM, the intelligent form technology:

The significant part of our developments is based on the self-developed iFORM intelligent form technology. The iFORM form technology consists of three modules and each module is associated with different work phases of the data collection process from the creation of the form, through the central management of the form, to the provision of a filling interface for the user.


In recent years, our company has developed a number of applications and services based on iFORM form technology:

  • The local government ASP form management system,
  • e-Paper KEÜSZ (Central Electronic Administration Services),
  • Company gateway registration applications
  • eHR-iFORM application,
  • Electronic form filling integrated in the Personalized Administration Interface (SZÜF-iFORM),
  • Electronic form filling support service (e-Űrlap KEÜSZ),
  • Form-filling system for initiating debt settlement proceedings (private bankruptcy) for natural persons,
  • Certificate Applicant Form Filler Application (GovCA-TÜKA),
  • Clerk-side system for preparing and submitting government filing submissions (MUKER),
  • Client-side system for preparing and submitting government filing submissions (IKR).


Kopint-Datorg Ltd. also has significant knowledge and experiences in the field of electronic signature technology, after years of developing and supporting government electronic signature and signature verification applications and services at the L3 support. As part of this, our company took part in the development of JAVA-based software (thick client, thin client, web service) based on an open source SD-DSS application developed from European Union funding.


In recent years, Kopint-Datorg Ltd. has participated in the IT support of various elections on behalf of the National Election Office (NVI) on several occasions. These include the planning and implementation of IT result audits for a number of elections (parliamentary, local government, European Parliament) and national referendums as well as the development and operation of an Alternative Election Day Processing System (Havária). In addition, in 2019, our company designed and developed an IT system for the pre-processing of contact request applications (by letter) of voters who do not have a residence in Hungary (NREG), which is also operated by us from the first day of January 2020.


Additional IT tasks of Kopint-Datorg Ltd. dating back many years:

  • On behalf of the Central Statistical Office, our company developed the KSH ELEKTRA electronic data collection system ensuring the fulfillment of certain data collections indicated in the National Statistical Data Collection Program, which is also operational-supported by us from January 1, 2013. A project to change the system based on iFORM is currently underway.
  • On behalf of the National Court Office (OBH), our company has been performing the central application’s operation and support tasks of the Court Integrated Information System (BIIR) since April 1, 2008. In addition, in 2012 we developed the systems – Messaging Module and Document Library – that form the basis of the implementation of electronic court proceedings – to this day – in the framework of the EKOP project entitled “Electronization of customer relations in certain court proceedings”.
  • Kopint-Datorg Ltd. has been providing full-scale operation, software monitoring and further development of the various commercial, licensing and e-administration systems developed by our company on behalf of the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest (BFKH) and its predecessors for more than 25 years.

Kopint-Datorg Ltd. is the only official sales representative for AG NEOVO Hungarian Market.

At the beginning of March 2019, Kopint-Datorg Ltd. joined the Artificial Intelligence Coalition.