Company history

In 1987, KOPINT-DATORG LTD. was founded by the merger of the economic research organization Kopint and the data processing organization Datorg.

In 1993, KOPINT-DATORG LTD. established the limited liability company for asset management and IT, the scope of whose activities included the operation and management of the limited liability company’s real estate, data processing, hardware consulting, software publishing and consulting.

On January 1, 2006, one of the determining organizational units of the LLC, the IT department, which deals with the development and operation of IT, was transferred from KOPINT-DATORG LTD. to KOPINT-DATORG LLC. With the transfer of the department, the development and operation of IT systems became the main profile of our company.

The name KOPINT-DATORG LTD. was changed to National Infocommunications Service Company Ltd. (NISZ LTD.), while our company continues to use the name KOPINT-DATORG, keeping the traditions.